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Abs Workout

Abs Workout: Are they worth doing?

We often see that abs workouts are always a failure because of so many advertisements, online promotions, and fake 30-day challenges. We are pressured by the online fitness influencers to try abs workouts!

But after seeing that such efforts are just scams and yield no results, we must back off and try to do more productive workouts that actually help us to gain muscle mass and must increase the size of our muscles!

Why should we not do abs Workouts?

Abs Workout

Here in this article, we will give you those factual reasons that will make you wonder if I was right when I chose to start with an ab workout. We all agree that abs are the core part of any lean body type.

But as we were reading and reviewing more participants in this fitness race, we spotted that most of them were miserable when they started focusing on abs training.

The reason behind this is the guidance they are taking from online tutorials that claim to make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are a bunch of fake videos that are promotional-based whose only aim is to make you buy a particular commercial product in the name of an Abs workout.

Let’s explore those reasons that scream “no” for going directly to practice abs workout!

Reasons for Not Doing an Ab Workout

No belly fat was spotted.

Many people tend to overlook the fact that actual body fat is hard to spot, and the only things that keep draining off are your energy and time. Also, the weeks of training with those videos.

You will not be able to spot the difference between your belly and the fat stored in actual quantity. Instead, you will run out of energy, and that energy deficiency will make you huff for longer than usual.

The defined abs need a lean body type, but for this, your body fat must be reduced so that a drastic change must be seen in your muscles. As long as the body is covered with a layer of fat, the calorie deficit will increase.

Irregular Bowel Function

When you immediately start the abs workout, you will face irregular bowel movements. They won’t be working properly, and the improper digestion problems will knock you out.

As the calorie reduction is focused on the ab workout and it requires a strict diet to be followed, those spots that are very stubborn to lose fat are not supporting your digestive system.

So, the functioning of your belly is interrupted by the sudden load, and the muscles are torn apart from your compound exercise.

Hormonal imbalance

Lean body exercise requires a proper balance of protein and nutritional value. Therefore, it results in the depletion of certain important nutrients that are required by our body!

This not only results in the release of some toxic elements as a result of the high energy required for digesting the products, but also in a hormonal imbalance problem. Your vital organs are not cushioned properly.

No proper fat level is distributed and the muscle sprain increases over time.

A weaker immune system

The intense workout may flush the beneficial bacteria out of the system; additionally, when one does the abs workout directly, the capacity for making antibodies is reduced and the release of stress hormone is increased!

The inflammation can also be elevated to a high level when they are strained too much by applying pressure to the abdomen area.

Muscle knots

It is said that going for an abs workout directly will cause muscle knots and can also increase neck pain, whereas a faulty abs workout will only give you common core pain.

Muscle soreness may also occur if one is continuously doing the core abdomen workout, and the straining of muscles will only make your stomach hurt a lot.

Increased Fatigue

The exercise of the abs can also cause the person to experience fatigue problems, so that the person may feel dizzy. The potential strength may be lost if one is beginning his fitness regime with an abs workout.

Visceral fat is located around our abdominal cavity, so to prevent our belly from fatigue, it is necessary to properly melt down this fat, as it is also the cause of metabolic syndrome.

Alternatives to the Abs workout

Abs workout are made for muscle growth, they are not aimed to have a fat loss from the body!

They are trained under the resistance training and muscle building process, the workout plan is also very different from the regular workout,

So here one can do the following things:

Instead of only doing abs workouts, combine them with your regular workout routine and have some abs movements that can add to the basics.

Also, take a better rest between the repetitions and then kickstart your journey of ab training.

The crunches must be chosen as the basic, primary ab movement, and then progressed slowly.

Also, the kneeling rope crunch can be done next as it puts the abs under constant tension so that they are able to bear the excessive load.

While after having some kneeling rope crunching, you can have the leg raise movement that would be used in reverse form, so that isometric exercise can be followed up by trying some plank variation and then going for an ab wheel rollout.


According to fitness experts, ab workouts are just overrated because they can’t be executed when they are not done properly, so the dream of toned muscles must be followed up with proper fitness research.

So that person is not at the risk of facing some gut problems, strenuous workouts are required to be done daily and a strict diet is done along with the disciplined workout routine.

Therefore, if you are starting with the abs workout as a beginner, you must check the facts and then you should implement the tutorial video!

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