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Pre-Competition Diet

Is Pre-Competition Diet Beneficial for Bodybuilders?

A bodybuilding goal is every man’s dream to achieve, so a pre-competition diet for bodybuilders is a must for those perfect muscles and lean body type that attract lots of appraisal from women and also the people who are more into fitness stuff.

According to the research, it was found that those men who are dedicated towards building a good body are likely to have more success in terms of health, but also that their working capacity is high, but practicing and preparing for a pre-competition outlook has a different story!

Is Pre-Competition Diet Beneficial for Bodybuilders?

Is Pre-Competition Diet Beneficial for Bodybuilders

Here we will be seeing the other side of the story of building a perfect body with a complete diet plan that is required for a hard-core bodybuilding competition.

Concept of Competitive Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding competitions are very different in terms of other physical sports, let alone weight lifting. It requires lots of courage and determination to perform well!

Bodybuilders are trained to focus on core areas such as muscle gaining training and fat minimizing facts because the judgment is based on muscle formation, body fat index, muscle size, muscle symmetry, and conditioning.

The two things that matter a lot in any bodybuilding competition are:

  • Weight gain cycle: Bulking.
  • Cutting is a part of the fat loss process.

Bulking Phase

The goal of muscle building is to be kept as the main priority, and energy density as well as calorie-rich diets are required to be fulfilled with the protein demand of the body as the body composition is analyzed simultaneously.

Dietary plans are made according to pre-competition diets, and hardcore exercise routines are followed in this phase.

Cutting Phase

So, the advice to keep calorie intake and muscle maintenance in balance with the body’s metabolism is worth following, because it helps people stay healthy.

The fat shredding process is based on the meal sheet given to the bodybuilder that includes many macronutrients in the three out of six meals served a day.

After practicing the weeks of bulking, an appreciable amount of muscle is gained by the man, and now the appropriate amount of protein is included in the diet plan.

Start with a lower body workout like walking lunge and hack squat and then follow it up with an upper body workout like barbell bench press and pull-ups.

Pre-Competition Diet Design

Now that we’ve established what a perfect bodybuilding workout entails, let’s take a quick look at the pre-competition bodybuilding diet regime to achieve the desired body mass.

Balanced calorie intake

A balanced calorie intake must be between 0.5 and 1% per week, and you must also practice the calorie ideas that 1-2 pounds must be lost each week.

Increase the intake of protein by about 0.4 to 0.5 grams, and you can also go further by including macronutrients in your meal plans.

Amount of protein consumed

Protein is called the building block of the lean body and it accounts for most of the body mass index. Therefore, as a bodybuilder, one must consume a high-protein rich diet.

And a bodybuilder needs 97 to 137 grams of protein each day in his routine.

Carb loading

Carbs are the fuel of our healthy bodies; they are utilized as a source of energy, and therefore, an adequate amount of complex carbs must be taken before exercise.

Selecting a complex carb loading makes a person achieve a lean body, and they also use the peaking strategy in the show before the 24 to 48 hours of competing to reduce the calorie deficiency by consuming carbs.

Fat levels that are appropriate

As a result, the diet must include fat-soluble vitamins, and it also helps to boost the hormone testosterone, which maintains bone density.

The fat distribution of the entire body is kept at a high level, and muscle strength, as well as the recommended 20 to 30% dietary fat, are made available to body builders.

Balanced Micronutrients

For the following reasons, including micronutrients as part of your bodybuilding regime is beneficial:

  • The metabolic rate is increased.
  • Every cell requires an adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Bone density is strengthened.
  • Immunity power is boosted.

Including foods high in nitrates

Foods containing nitrates are considered superfoods for body building. This type of food helps the body get converted into nitric oxide, which helps in reducing muscle cramps and improving performance.

Essential Supplement

The bodybuilder needs to take extra supplements while he is in the middle of his training. These things are:


Multivitamins can’t be neglected as these supplements fulfill the nutritional gaps in the body and also maintain the reduced level of other important nutrients that are either not consumed by us or neglected.

The body requires multivitamins a lot as these are important for nerve and human growth factors as well as the regulation of some essential processes.

A Sample Workout Meal Plan for a Bodybuilder

This workout diet is made according to the current weight, fat index, and type of body one has:

The diet is expanded over the period of 12 weeks and the number of meals they can consume is increased.

Meal 1

  • Shake with whey protein
  • Oatmeal

Meal 2

  • Chicken breast
  • Brown rice

Meal 3

  • Salad
  • Olive Oil

Meal 4

  • Whey protein
  • White Potato

Meal 5

  • Steak
  • Sweet Potato

Meal 6

  • Peanut butter
  • Protein shake

Total Protein: 285 g, Carbohydrates: 200 g, Dietary Fat: 28 g


The customized diet plan may be made more effective by adding some more variations in the diet, but the above component is the essential one for achieving great performance as well as the desired body mass.

Preparation for any bodybuilding competition is a very tough task to execute, but the sheer determination and the balanced protein and nutrient diet ratio can help a person to have the type of body he wants to show.

Every individual has his own requirements for diet. Therefore, rather than relying on others’ body plans, one must find out his body requirements and then make the arrangements.

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