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Author - Mark Lineberry

How to Tone Your Body at Home

Five Elements Of Exercise You Should Know!

You may get trapped if you are doing the same thing over and over again as a fitness routine. A well-designed fitness program brings growth. It shouldn’t be like if you are into weight lifting, so you just lift weights...

Workout Routine tips

How To Create a Workout Routine? [2022]

Whether you are already doing fitness exercises or you are going to step into a fitness workout, a great workout routine will always help to achieve your fitness goals. Creating a fitness plan is one of the best things...

Non-Caffeine Pre-Workout

Non-Caffeine Pre-Workout: Is It Effective?

Many fitness lovers and bodybuilders in the world are allergic to caffeine. For those people, a caffeine-free pre-workout supplement is the best choice. Apart from that, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a non...

Do I Need to Go the Gym Every Day

Do I Need to Go the Gym Every Day? [2022]

Well, there is no magic number to visit the gym. You can go to the gym every day or take a break on alternate days. When we start doing activities like hitting the gym or doing exercise, we are likely to get addicted to...

Six Packs

6 Common Mistakes That Cost Your Six Packs

Are you having trouble getting ripped abs? Many fitness buffs want to get defined six-packs. Unfortunately, it feels like you are putting in a lot of effort but don’t get anything as a reward. Unlike other types of...

Should Runners Do Strength Training

Should Runners Do Strength Training?

You might be thinking that strength training is best suited for bodybuilders, right? Well, you are correct. There are impressive benefits to doing strength training when you are interested in running. Whether you are a...

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