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Author - Mark Lineberry

Do I Need to Go the Gym Every Day

Do I Need to Go the Gym Every Day?

Do I Need to Go the Gym Every Day?  Well, there is no magic number to visit the gym. You can go to the gym every day or take a break on alternate days. When we start doing activities like hitting the gym or doing...

Should Runners Do Strength Training

Should Runners Do Strength Training?

You might be thinking that strength training is best suited for bodybuilders, right? Well, you are correct. There are impressive benefits to doing strength training when you are interested in running. Whether you are a...

Gym terms

Gym Terms That Everyone Should Know

Listening much about Gym and benefits of being fit, always evoke a hidden enthusiasm in every person, the more excitement we are about its new terms and exercises. We plan to know things like what is Epoc or what is...

Yoga Blocks

What Equipment is Needed for Yoga?

What Equipment is Needed for Yoga? Yoga is an art of keeping your mind and soul together, it brings better mental clarity with a defined physique, we all know what role yoga plays nowadays for the healthy people and...

Abs Workout

Abs Workout: Are they worth doing?

We often see that abs workouts are always a failure because of so many advertisements, online promotions, and fake 30-day challenges. We are pressured by the online fitness influencers to try abs workouts! But after...

Bowflex Home Gym Alternatives

The Best Bowflex Home Gym Alternatives 2023

Bowflex Home Gym Alternatives 2022: Currently, people are replacing traditional gyms with home gyms. When someone is talking about home gyms, the name Bowflex always comes to our mind. Bowflex is mainly known for its...

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