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4 Gauge Pre Workout Review – What They Won’t Ever Say

Searching for the perfect pre-workout supplement is a nasty job that needs a lot of research and analysis before choosing the one. There are lots of options available on the market, but the best one should carry quality ingredients, be free from severe side effects, and deliver results. While researching, I came across a popular name in the market, 4 Gauge Pre Workout, that has been quite hyped and popular in the fitness community. This 4 Gauge Pre Workout review is going to have a closer look at this popular supplement.

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Review: An Overview

4 gauge pre workout review

4 Gauge is a natural pre-workout supplement that is immensely popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The supplement is claimed to help with boosting muscle strength, pumping, stamina, and endurance.

4 Gauge comes in an attractive pack that looks like the shell of a shotgun. With its marketing and presentation, the supplement ensures to give you rock-hard and instant macho-like muscles and strength.

The company claims that using 4 gauge ensures that you are endorsed with improved endurance, bulky muscles, increased strength to lift heavy weights, and improved focus to stay motivated in your workout regime. With this pre-workout supplement, you get an improved physique and amazing workout results.

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4 Gauge Pre Workout Ingredients


An important ingredient used in most energy drinks, Caffeine helps in boosting the mental and physical energy


Similar to caffeine, L-Theanine is also an active agent with energy boosting properties for better mood and focus

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a popular European herb that is clinically proven to deliver athlete like endurance and stamina

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a supplement that is very common and known with all bodybuilders that helps in boosting muscle mass and strength


It is type of amino acid that is an essential ingredient to boost fat burning and metabolic process in the body

Coconut Water Powder

This ingredient is used in this formulation to make you feel hydrated and provide essential nutrients to maintain electrolyte level

L-Citrulline Dl-Malate

This ingredient is the most powerful vasodilators known till date that helps in opening the blood vessels for increased blood circulation

Red Beet

Red beet is a rich source of nitric oxide that is very important to boost stamina and generate maximum results out of your workout regime

How Does 4 Gauge Pre Workout Work?

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Boosts Energy Level

The supplement contains caffeine in its formulation, which helps in boosting the energy level of the body. With improved mental and physical energy, you can focus on your workout regime for maximum results.

Increases Endurance

Along with caffeine, 4 Gauge also uses a few other essential ingredients that help in boosting endurance and stamina so that you can perform well and for longer in the gym. With boosted endurance and stamina, you don’t get tired frequently and stay energized for a longer time.

Bigger muscles

4 Gauge ingredients are specially designed and formulated to give a huge boost to your muscle pumps and make you feel toned and bulky.

Improved Focus and Mood

The supplement also carries nootropic properties due to a few ingredients used in the formulation. It helps improve your mood and focus.

It promotes maximum output.

4 Gauge uses creatine, which is an essential ingredient of a pre workout supplement. It helps in boosting workout results.

How To Take This Supplement?

4 Gauge Pre Workout is a powder supplement, therefore you need to take it by mixing it with water or juice. You can mix up to two scoops in a glass of water or juice and take it 20-30 minutes prior to exercise.

You can exceed this recommended dosage to four scoops a day after one month of usage so that your body gets familiar with the formulation and ingredients.

Is 4 Gauge Pre Workout Good In Taste?

4 gauge pre workout uk canada australia

Different from other pre workout powder supplements that are available in traditional chocolate or vanilla flavor, this supplement comes in the Fruit Blast flavor that seems to be fruity and delicious. Although, some users reported that they didn’t like this fruit blast flavor.

Pros and Cons

Pros –

  • Formulated with 100% natural ingredients
  • The supplement doesn’t uses any proprietary blend
  • It helps in promoting muscle mass and strength
  • Promotes energy, endurance and stamina
  • The formulation is free from preservatives and artificial flavoring
  • The taste is quite delicious and tasty
  • The formula is duly certified by GMP

Cons –

  • The supplement is quite costly and misses impressive deals
  • The quantity of caffeine is quite low that is not enough in regards of pre workout supplement

4 Gauge Pre Workout Reviews by Users

Finding the user reviews for 4 Gauge is quite a hectic job, or you may say impossible. Since it is only available for sale on the official website, there are no truly verified reviews available for this supplement on Amazon and other online stores.

Talking about the reviews on the official website, it is obvious that you will be displayed positive ones. Although, they tried to sprinkle some moderate reviews to make a balance, frankly, I cannot trust the official website reviews.

4 Gauge Pre-Workout Side Effects

4 gauge pre workout side effects

Being a natural supplement there are very least chances of getting possessed to any type of nasty side effects. But as it includes some herbal ingredients like caffeine and other herbs, it is possible to experience few minor side effects for those who are allergic to these ingredients. These side effects include jitters, headaches, and stomach upset.

Common FAQs with 4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

Q – How much caffeine is used in this pre workout supplement?

The supplement uses 150 mg of caffeine in each serving that is quite low compared to other quality pre workout supplements. This amount of caffeine is not sufficient for a pre workout supplement.

Q – How long does the effects of the supplement remains?

The ingredients of 4 Gauge are fast acting and it starts working within half an hour. The effects of the supplement retains for around 2-3 hours.

Q – Is 4 Gauge Pre Workout safe to use?

Yes, the supplement is to take as it is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and does not uses artificial flavorings or pesticides. Although, some ingredients might be allergen to few people.

Q – Is 4 Gauge Pre Workout vegan friendly?

Yes, the supplement is completely safe for vegans as it does not uses any ingredient that is animal derived.

Q – Should I cycle this supplement?

Yes, it is recommended by the company to cycle this supplement for better results. You should use it for 6-8 weeks continuously and then take a break of one week before restarting it.

Q – Is 4 Gauge Pre Workout available for sale on eBay and GNC?

No, the supplement is not available for sale on offline or online stores. It is only sold through the official website.

Q – Are there any 4 Gauge pre workout reviews available on Reddit or Amazon?

Although, you can find few review for the supplement on Reddit, there are no reviews available on Amazon as it is not sold through it.

Q – Is 4 Gauge Pre workout sold in the UK, Australia, and Canada?

Yes, the supplement is frequently sold worldwide through the official website and USA, UK, Australia, and Canada are the countries where it is sold most.

Where To Buy 4 Gauge Pre Workout?

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4 Gauge Pre Workout is sold worldwide through the official website. The supplement is not sold offline, over the counter and even on online stores like Amazon, eBay, and GNC. Some websites claim that 4 Gauge is available on Amazon and redirect you to Amazon where supplements with similar names are available. Beware of buying it outside official website as it might be a scam or replica product.

4 Gauge Pre Workout Price & Deals

1 Month Supply – $45.00

2 Month Supply – $90.00

Buy 3 Get 1 Free (Ultimate Ammo Carte) – $135.00

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My Verdict on 4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

I am a great fan of pre-workout supplements, but unfortunately, I haven’t given a try to 4 Gauge. But surely I’m going to add it to my workout supplement rack ASAP. 4 Gauge actually impressed me a lot with its quality ingredients, scientific formulation, effectiveness, and good reviews.

The supplement also doesn’t carry any nasty side effects that we usually encounter with other pre-workout supplements. The marketing, presentation, and advertisement of the supplement are so impressive that they will attract your attention. Overall, it is a quality and must-try pre-workout supplement.

4 gauge pre workout reviews

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