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Brutal Force Supplement Review 2024 – Legal SARMs Or Scam?

Some bodybuilders used to take steroids to enhance their performance, but it is dangerous and illegal in several countries. That’s why some companies like Brutal Force encourage the use of safe supplements in place of steroids. We have reviewed the unique series of supplements, and the purpose of the Brutal Force Supplement review is to inform our readers about the company and its products.

Brutal Force is one of the companies offering bodybuilding supplements. It produces a line of safe alternatives to harmful steroids. The Brutal Force is like Crazy Bulk. These products replicate the effects of SARMs through natural ingredients, which is why they are safe. Read the complete review to get detailed information on Brutal Force supplements and pick the right one.

Brutal Force Supplement Review: What Is It?

Brutal Force Supplement Review

Brutal Force is a reputed company that provides a wide range of bodybuilding supplements that mimic the effects of several anabolic steroids like Dianabol, Anadrol, Sustanon, etc., but without the adverse side effects.

Brutal Force supplements are made of natural ingredients and numerous compounds that will not harm your health. ABULK, CCUT, DBULK, TBULK, and SBULK are some of the popular products of Brutal Force.

Brutal Force supplements are completely legal and clean. They also offer stacks that contain several supplements for different uses. Moreover, you can also purchase a single supplement as per your requirements.

Brutal Force offers an excellent line of supplements for bulking, cutting, or SARMS alternatives. Supplements like DBULK offer results similar to Dianabol, but they are not real Dianabol. This supplement is great for strength and lean, quality muscles. It also increases recovery time and reduces soreness. Likewise, their other products are also as effective as DBULK.

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Brutal Force Supplements List

Brutal Force bulking supplements contain six distinctive types of products to gain mass in muscles, incredible strength, and improved recovery time.


However, if you want to cut off extra fat, Brutal Force cutting supplements help you lose weight and get your desired shape. The Brutal Force fat-reduction supplements are followed:

  • ACUT
  • CCUT
  • GCUT

Besides bulking and cutting supplements, this company also has different types of stacks like a mass stack, a definition stack, a beast stack, and a sculpt stack. They offer a huge range of supplements that are suitable for different fitness goals. They offer a diverse range of safe solutions for everyone.

Brutal Force Bulking Supplements Details


SBULK is a substitute for Testosterone Sustanon. SBULK helps users boost their testosterone levels naturally. It doesn’t contain harmful compounds like anabolic steroids to raise testosterone. SBULK is a natural formula to increase testosterone in the body and thereby promote muscle growth and strength and improve performance.

Besides muscle gains, SBULK also helps to boost energy, promote weight loss, and heighten focus and confidence. It is free from side effects. SBULK is a combination of D-aspartic acid, stinging nettle, fenugreek, black pepper extracts, Korean Red Ginseng, and others. Above all, DAA is a proven ingredient to raise testosterone levels.

The cost of SBULK is $54.99.


DBULK is another bulking dietary supplement by the Brutal Force. It imitates the effects of Dianabol, also known as Methandrostenolone. According to the company, DBULK provides the benefits of Dianabol steroids but doesn’t have any negative effects. DBULK is a safe supplement that helps to boost lean muscle development and support weight loss without losing hard-earned muscles.

It reduces fat by keeping lean muscles as they are. It is also beneficial to naturally raise testosterone levels in the body. DBULK contains L-leucine, MSM, Ashwagandha, Suma root extracts, and other nutrients as the primary ingredients.

The price of a single bottle of DBULK is $54.99.


The company has created TBULK as an alternative to Trenbolone steroids. Trenbolone is mostly used for increasing strength, lean muscle mass, and more. Similarly, TBULK also helps to get increased strength, muscle density, mobility, lean muscle mass, etc.

Unlike trenbolone steroids, TBULK didn’t come with adverse side effects. It is an effective and safe supplement for bulking and cutting. TBULK also improves protein absorption. TBULK is formulated with distinctive herbal ingredients and components such as pepsin powder, cats, claw extracts, beta-sitosterol, and diindolylmethane.

You can get one TBULK for $54.99.


ABULK mimics the effects of Anadrol. ABULK is a safe substitute for anadrol. As per the company, the supplements support muscle gain, increase testosterone levels, and improve performance. ABULK is a potent natural dietary supplement to increase lean muscle mass without any side effects.

ABULK also enhances the oxygen supply in the muscles, improves endurance, and causes huge muscle gain. Taking the proper dosage of ABULK helps to achieve the goals quickly. You will notice improved stamina and a faster recovery process after consuming ABULK.

ABULK is available on the official website for $54.99.


HBULK is another powerful supplement to Brutal Force. This supplement helps to increase “Human Growth Hormones,” or HGH, levels in the body. HBULK activates the pituitary glands to raise HGH levels. Additionally, it also boosts lean muscles and assists in the muscle recovery process.

The company says that if you take the recommended dose of HBULK every day, you will see good results in a short time.

HBULK is a 100% natural and safe alternative to Somatropin. It contains hawthorn berry, maca root powder, L-arginine, Mucuna pruniens, and other ingredients. Get one bottle of HBULK for $54.99.


DEKABULK is designed to provide the effects of Deca-Durabolin and helps to get incredible muscles, stamina, and strength. DECABULK provides similar benefits to the anabolic steroid Deca-Durabolin.

The primary ingredients of DECABULK are Ginseng, puncturevine extract, L-arginine, and wild yam root powder. However, it doesn’t come with side effects. DECABULK stimulates protein synthesis and red blood cell production. The cost of DECABULK is $54.99.

Brutal Force Cutting Supplement Details


ACUT was created as a safer alternative to Anavar. ACUT was promoted as an Anavar steroid. It is meant to mimic the effects of Anavar. However, ACUT doesn’t affect the health of the users. It is free from harmful chemicals or substances. ACUT helps the users to get a shredded body(lean muscles) without losing mass muscles. It can be used by both men and women.

ACUT is the combination of whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate, ElevATP, and branched chains of amino acids for reducing weight, muscle recovery, stamina, etc.

Price: $54.99.

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CCUT is another popular weight loss/fat reduction supplement from Brutal Force. It is an alternative to Clenbuterol steroids. This supplement is beneficial when used with an effective diet and exercise. You can get the desired shape within a few months if you consume it on a daily basis. It is a unique blend of Guarana, Garcinia cambogia, bitter orange, Griffonia simplicifolia seed extracts, and others.

Price: $54.99.


WINCUT is designed as a substitute for the Winstrol steroid that is known as Stanozolol. WinCUT is designed to burn fat and excess weight while maintaining muscle mass. This supplement is very powerful and effective in weight loss by improving agility and endurance. It will provide a shredded body within a month. WinCUT is available in a single bottle for $54.99.

The Key Ingredients of WINCUT

  • Choline
  • Wild yams
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Safflower oil
  • Dimethylaminoethanol


GCUT is a dietary supplement by Brutal Force. It is specially designed for males with manboobs. This supplement is very effective in gynecomastia conditions. However, GCUT assists with the problem by targeting the fat stored in the chest and helping the users tackle manboobs. GCUT has also enhanced hormone levels. GCUT’s price is $54.99.

The main ingredients used in GCUT are mentioned below:

  • Chromium
  • Coca Powder
  • Potassium
  • Green tea extracts
  • Evodiamine

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Brutal Force-SARMS Alternatives

Furthermore, Brutal Force also produces several substitutes for SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. These SARMs alternatives mimic the effects of SARMs safely and naturally. It contains the properties of SARMs, but they have fewer androgenic properties.

  • OSTABULK OSTABULK helps to lose fat, improve stamina, and get lean muscles. The cost of OSTABULK is $59.99.
  • RADBULK RADBULK is a 100% natural muscle-building supplement with the benefits of SARMs. It also increases strength. One bottle of RADBULK costs around $59.99.
  • ANDALEAN- ANDALEAN is meant to provide the same benefits as Andarine-S, which is a muscle-boosting steroid. You can build muscles and lose fat by consuming ANDALEAN regularly for a specific period. ANDALEAN cost is $59.99.

Different Stacks By Brutal Force

Brutal Force offers excellent stacks that contain several Brutal Force nutrition items (supplements) as per your needs. Whether you want to gain muscles, endurance, or lose fat, Brutal Force has a stack for everyone to get the desired results. The company offers five stacking options to the users.

Mass Stack includes- HBULK, ABULK, DEKABULK, DBULK, and SBULK at $219.99.

Bulking And Cutting Stack contains SBULK, TBULK, ABULK, CCUT, and DBULK for $164.99.

Sculpt Stack comprises WINCUT, CCUT, and ACUT to get lean muscles for $129.99.

Beast Stack contains 10 supplements, like ABULK, HBULK, DBULK, DEKABULK, TBULK, WINCUT, CCUT, ACUT, and SBULK for $379.99.

Definition Stack includes WinCUT, TBULK, ACUT, CCUT, and SBULK for $219.99.

Select Stack comprises SARMs supplements OSTABULK, RADBULK, and ANDALEAN in one package at $139.99.

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More About Brutal Force

Brutal Force is a company based in the United Kingdom. All the supplements of Brutal Force are proudly formulated in the USA at registered and FDA-approved facilities. It is a GMP-certified company that adheres to the GMP guidelines.

Supplements are free of chemicals and toxic substances. While writing the review, we checked the Brutal Force supplement review on Reddit by the users and haven’t found any negative comments regarding the supplements. It proves that Brutal Force is a legit company and offers effective supplements. You can contact the company through the below mentioned contact details.

Refund Policy Of Brutal Force

The refund policy of Brutal Force is quite different and complicated from others. Customers can get a full refund if they don’t break or open the supplements they have purchased from the company. If you used the product and then want to get your money back, you are eligible for a 100% refund policy.

Final Verdict

So, in our findings of the Brutal Force Supplement Review, we have found that the company offers legit supplements to its users to achieve quick results in a few months. We also found that Brutal Force is one of the best supplement brands available on the market. None of the brand’s supplements are as effective as the Brutal Force supplement.

The line of products is a safe alternative to anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are not safe and illegal for atheistic development. Therefore, choosing a safe substitute is a better option than putting yourself in danger.

Brutal force is a healthy and secure way to enhance your muscles, strength, energy, and performance. Nine out of ten customers are satisfied with Brutal Force. Order your Brutal Force now to boost your bodybuilding process.

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