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Fitness Vs Bodybuilding

Difference Between Fitness Vs Bodybuilding

Sometimes you might wonder which one is better for bodybuilding or fitness. In everyone’s life, a time comes to knock on your mind when you have to choose between the two of them. Whether your goal is to build bulky muscles or stay fit, healthy and stronger, being clear-headed and focused will reap you benefits for a long time. In this blog, we have compared the two types of workouts: fitness vs bodybuilding.

It will help you understand the differences and become familiar with their main concepts, goals, and benefits.

Fitness Vs Bodybuilding: An Introduction

Fitness Vs Bodybuilding

Fitness emphasizes overall body development, including muscle strength and flexibility. It helps to boost lean and stronger muscles along with keeping oneself in shape. It is the main goal of people who are into fitness to improve their general health and become more active and focused.

On the other hand, bodybuilding means building large muscles. In bodybuilding, people tend to increase their muscle size by following a healthy and balanced diet in combination with intensive bodybuilding training. They have to burn approximately 5000 calories per day.

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Bodybuilding helps to decrease high blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. However, the bitter truth is that a muscular body shape doesn’t promise great strength and well-being. When it comes to lifting weights, muscle size doesn’t matter; strength matters instead.

The Difference Between Fitness and Bodybuilding

In this article, we have outlined some differences between bodybuilding and fitness. Bodybuilding generally involves growing muscles faster. In bodybuilding training, people usually push and pull weights for the sake of building outstanding muscle fibers.

On the contrary, fitness is just the opposite. The general rule of bodybuilding is burning calories and staying active and fit. It is all about having a strong and attractive body shape. Fitness workouts are largely accepted by women. However, bodybuilding is a sort of men’s activity. The majority of men choose bodybuilding over fitness.

Exercise Regime

There is a huge difference between the two of them. Bodybuilders usually do a lot of lifting of weights and progressive exercises and workouts. Those exercises cause micro trauma to your muscles so that they repair breakages and grow as much as you want.

Due to the high requirement for huge muscles and a shredded body shape, they used to spend hours at the gym.

The intense bodybuilding exercises involve triceps, biceps, side chest, and other exercises for the development of major muscle groups. Some people also take the guidance of professional trainers or coaches for better and faster results. Hypertrophy is a term used in bodybuilding. In hypertrophy, bodybuilders do repetitive exercises and need to focus on a specific muscle group.

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On the other hand, fitness workouts are less rigorous and help you get an atheistic look while building strength. It includes overall development by doing aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises aren’t just good for cardiovascular health; they’re also helpful for the entire body. These exercises provide agility and flexibility.

A fitness workout is all about working on the overall body and burning fat from the body. Fitness exercises are based on stretching to get a nice body shape. They work on core muscles and body shape. Moreover, for fitness exercises, you don’t need to appoint a coach or fitness trainer to perform cardio exercises and do much weight lifting. As compared to bodybuilding, fitness exercises are shorter in terms of time.


Another key difference between bodybuilding and fitness is duration. It’s about the duration you need to spend to get the desired results. In bodybuilding, you need approximately two hours daily at the gym. Bodybuilding is more demanding than fitness training. Bodybuilding requires consistency and hard work for a long time, 5 to 6 times a week.

While in the case of fitness, you don’t require more than an hour. If you want to be fit, you have to spend 30 to 45 minutes working out daily to focus on fitness training. If we compare it with bodybuilding, fitness doesn’t need much time, effort, and pressure. The dedicated duration also depends on your goals. Thus, the time can be increased or decreased as per your goals.


You are probably thinking about what the diet plan is for bodybuilding and fitness. As a balanced diet is very necessary whether you are doing bodybuilding or fitness workouts, we have studied several articles published in well-known magazines and journals, and the majority of them focused on calorie intake.

The major difference between the diets of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders is the calories. Bodybuilders need to take at least 5000 calories per day. Of that 5000, 50% should be protein intake. They remain constant in taking low-fat and carbohydrate meals. Their diet includes vegetables, fruits, protein-rich meat, eggs, whey protein, fish, etc. To fulfill the need for macronutrients, bodybuilders also consume the supplement to meet the body’s requirements.

Furthermore, people focusing on fitness used to consume a maximum of 2500 calories a day. Their diet includes fewer oily foods, fruits, meat, protein, low-calorie foods, vegetables, a few carbohydrates, etc.

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Both of the workouts provide ultimate fitness. The only difference between them is the goal and the reason you are into it. Thus, it is up to you to decide why you are doing it and what you hope to gain from the training; if you want to bulk up, bodybuilding should be a good option. However, if you want to stay healthy, active, and want to enhance your core muscles and legs, fitness workouts would be more effective.

Fitness Vs Bodybuilding – Take Message Home

In the end, the decision is yours. You are the person who will decide to choose between Fitness vs Bodybuilding. All in all, both of the workouts are good at their places, they have their own objectives and activities. Unless, you want to go for bodybuilding, it is good to go for strength training or fitness training.

If you are confused about which is best, we suggest you take the advice of the professionals before starting any intensive exercises. By consulting a professional, you would also get guidance and eliminate the risks of starting as a beginner.

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