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Gym terms

Gym Terms That Everyone Should Know

Listening much about Gym and benefits of being fit, always evoke a hidden enthusiasm in every person, the more excitement we are about its new terms and exercises. We plan to know things like what is Epoc or what is HIIT. These terms are hitting very well for those of us who want to know those synonyms, terms, and phrases that are the fundamentals of the gym routine!

Therefore, to take you out of many of the basic terminologies of gym culture, we have this well-written article for you about those gym terms that everyone should know!

Gym Terms That Everyone Should Know

Gym terms


If we look at the simple meaning of aerobic! We will find that aerobic means which require oxygen are called aerobic. This type of exercise focuses on cardiovascular moments and combines strength training with rhythmic balance of aerobic moments all over the body.


Anaerobic simply implies that exercise which doesn’t require oxygen, it lets the glucose breakdown without the help of any oxygen. The intensity of this exercise is very high, but the duration of workout is shorter than the period of aerobic exercise.


One circuit means the connection, and hence it is the combination of six or more exercises that are performed in a set of repetitions or for some smaller span. That includes that one circuit means the completion of all the exercises that were bunched together to be performed there.


Doms means delayed-onset muscle soreness. It is not the exercise but the soreness or the muscle cramps you get after working out heavily or the post effect of the workout that starts the day after or two days after.

It can be of two types: acute and chronic. It is that strong burning sensation of muscles that is felt during a quick build-up session.

Compound Exercise

The exercises that are clamped together to get an intense muscle workout, like deadlifts, bench presses, squats, and pull-ups, etc.,

It helps in increasing the overall muscle size and more stress is given to building overall strength.

Health is determined by muscle mass and multiple muscle groups are involved at the same time of workout.

Dynamic stretch

Dynamism means the quick movement or the action that requires bending, stretching and extending the body parts. It will make you see the bent positions, extended legs, some gentle twists, and here are some examples of dynamic stretching:

  • Jump squats.
  • T- Push-ups.
  • High Kicks.
  • Lunging


Epoc stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It is also addressed as after burn. It is categorized due to three energy systems:

  1. Phosphagen.
  2. Glycolytic.
  3. Oxidative

These energy systems work differently when there is lots of movement involved and physical activity is increased with the workout intensity,

The phosphoen system involves high-intensity activities like jumping and sprinting, lasting 10 to 20 seconds.

The glycolytic system is based on carbohydrate consumption to produce ATP. This comes under the anaerobic system and occurs in the cytosol, a part of the cell. It helps in the oxidative metabolism in mitochondria.

Now comes the oxidative system, which is an aerobic process that happens in mitochondria using oxygen to produce energy, and it also uses carbohydrates for energy generation.

Foam rolling

Foam rolling is an exercise that is practiced using a cylindrical tube. Foam is a lightweight cylindrical shaped tube that is used for eliminating muscle soreness and knots that are formed in body parts.

It is based on the SMR technique (Self-myofascial release). That means it is based on a self-massage technique where an individual does warm up to prevent muscle tightness.

Functional training

Functional training means increasing the functioning of the muscles and allover movements and bodily actions that we perform during our workouts.

A large group of muscles are involved and they are made to perform some workouts like swinging, stretching, and are aimed towards increasing the muscle size, including:

  • Walking lunges.
  • Lateral bounds.
  • Bodyweight squats.
  • Push-ups

Intense functional movements are included that an individual performs with the correct posture.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the term for workouts that are intense in nature but are performed for a shorter span. The recovery time is given at an alternate time.

The short, intense exercises are performed in 10 to 20 minutes and are counted in rounds and repetitions, which aids in the burning of a large number of calories.

To burn calories, you can either do cycling, rope skipping, or jumping.

Besides this, your metabolic rate is increased and you feel energetic throughout the day.


  • Rope jumping.
  • Bodyweight squat.
  • Lunging.
  • Jump squat

Isometric exercise

Isometric exercises can be well defined as muscle-tightening exercises that limit the muscle restrictions and help in building strength; the athlete’s performance is increased.

Isometric exercises enhance stability in a person. It doesn’t increase your speed or performance. It is a static kind of exercise that helps to provide static contraction of muscles.


Running and cycling as well as swimming, which last for 45 to 60 minutes, are included in the exercise that involves Liss.

A cardio-based workout approach that promotes weight loss and better blood circulation may also prevent injury chances.

Some examples of List are:

  • Jogging.
  • Cycling.
  • swimming

Plyometric exercise

Plyometric exercises mean the involvement of speed and force with the body movements. The main aim of such exercises is to increase the muscle power.

This exercise is extremely beneficial for people who are recovering from an injury or accident, as it allows them to recover faster and return to their normal shape and physique.

This exercise imparts the profits of high-impact sports like basketball, tennis, etc.


  • Push-ups.
  • Throwing.
  • Jumping.
  • Kicking

Plyometrics can be of any type, like aerobic, flexible, or high-impact.


The term “superset” in the gym means performing two intense exercises back-to-back without taking a break!

The amount of work done is double, as you are not taking pause. Therefore, muscle activation is higher and is great for increasing biceps and muscle growth.


So, as promised, we have made you learn the gym terms that everyone should know! Because we are getting into a gym culture and everyone is so freaked about their fitness.

It is preferable to learn some basic and fundamental gym terms and rules, which will not only help you understand the gym environment but will also help you get into the appropriate form of exercise that will help to suit your body type.

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