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Bowflex vs Total Gym

Bowflex Vs Total Gym – Which Is The Right Home Gym?

Hello everyone. The pandemic has changed the lives of many people and made us more fitness-conscious. Choosing a brand is not an easy task, and that’s why we have compared Bowflex vs total gym, the two top leading brands of home gym equipment.

However, it’s not just about eating healthy, but keeping ourselves fit and strong. People do different types of workouts to be physically strong. However, to get the best outcome, it is necessary to select the best home gym equipment.

Doing exercises or strengthening training at home is much more beneficial than going to the gym. It saves money, time, waiting for your chance, membership costs, and more. Thus, though building a home gym is suitable, our guide will help you choose the best as per your requirements.

Bowflex vs Total Gym – Brand Overview

Bowflex vs Total Gym

Bowflex is a Washington-based company. It was founded in 1986. The company offers two different home gym options. One of them uses weight plates and the other is Bowflex’s traditional power rod system for resistance training. You can perform 70+ exercises and numerous variations with Bowflex equipment.

On the other hand, Total Gym is also a well-known brand, having a million-plus satisfied customers. Total gym equipment is less complicated than Bowflex gyms. Total Gym began by selling rehabilitating equipment, and after that, they experimented with full-body workout machines, which proved to be a huge success.

Moreover, the total gym also offers more variety than Bowflex. Total Gym is a reliable brand for beginners to experienced users. Both brands revolve around the weight resistance concept and strength training, and they have thousands of satisfied customers. However, their models and technologies are quite different. Let’s understand it with an easy comparison.

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Comparison of Bowflex vs. Total Gym

Resistance Training

Well, both of the brands offer their specific approaches to offer you the best results. However, in terms of body resistance training, Bowflex offers an advanced system called Power Rod Technology. Bowflex machines are excellent equipment for bodybuilding and muscle ripping and toning.

Additionally, you can do aerobic exercises too. Power Rod weights range from 5 to 210 pounds. While some upgraded models also allow 310 to 410 pounds, others do not.

On the other hand, Total Gym’s weight machines use inclined glide boards. The resistance level can be increased by 56%. Some models allow for the addition of weight bars for increased resistance training. If your goal is muscle strengthening, the bodyweight system is better for you. Furthermore, it is also beneficial for rehabilitation injuries. You can control the difficulty level according to your workout intensity.


To make it more precise, we have compared the best models of both brands and compared them in terms of exercises. Total Gym’s XLS model offers 80+ exercises. You can do 80+ exercises, including strength training, squats, ab workouts, cardio leg workouts, and others.

On the other hand, Bowflex’s current top-selling model, the Bowflex PR1000, offers a smaller number of exercises. Although it is a strong competitor to Total Gym, you can perform a few muscle-building and strength exercises. Hence, Total Gym is more convenient and versatile.

However, you have less control over resistance levels unless you purchase a level that offers 12 resistance levels. Bowflex offers more control and also gets inbuilt training workout coaching.

Equipment Size

Another major factor of comparison between Bowflex and Total Gym is their equipment size. Both of the companies offer different sizes of gym equipment. Most of the Bowflex gym equipment comes in a tower shape. It means they take less space and can be installed on the wall.

On the contrary, Total Gym’s equipment is longer in shape and looks like a board. They are much more compact than Bowflex.The total gym takes less space and doesn’t need assembly.

Ease Of Use

You might be wondering, which machine is easier to use: the Bowflex or the Total Gym? Bowflex is probably easier because it is easy to sit on the machine and start the exercise. However, it also depends on you. If you are familiar with gym-based exercises, you can easily perform exercises on both of the pieces of equipment.

The Total Gym offers a larger number of exercise variations to target different groups of muscles. If you have less space, then Total Gym should be an ideal option, or if you have enough space, Bowflex is cool. You can start exercises on both gym equipment easily.

Price And Warranty

Price is the most important factor in choosing equipment. The prices of Bowflex and Total Gym also vary. The base price is slightly different from each other. However, it depends on the model and features. Currently, the cheapest model of Bowflex is the Bowflex PR1000, and Total Gym’s cheapest model is the Total Gym 1400.

Moreover, Total Gym offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a six-month warranty on parts.

Furthermore, Bowflex provides a one-year warranty on the frame, with a sixty-day warranty on parts, and a five-year warranty on the rods.

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Bowflex And Total Gym [Pros And Cons]

  • Bowflex equipment is focused on muscle building and strength.
  • It offers control over resistance levels.
  • covered with a one-year warranty with no frame and a five-year warranty on parts.
  • well-known brand in the fitness industry.


  • It requires enough space.
  • Relocating is not easy with Bowflex equipment.
  • It loses tensile strength over time.

Total Gym – PROS

  • You can do numerous exercises.
  • The weight capacity is greater than that of the Bowflex.
  • The cost is lower than the Bowflex machines.
  • It takes less space.
  • It can be relocated easily.

Total Gym-CONS

  • Exercises might be complicated.
  • less control over resistance.

Take the message home

Building a home gym or replacing home gym equipment is not a bad idea at all, but finding the right equipment is quite complicated. For this reason, we have compared Bowflex and Total Gym to make it less complicated. While in the above article, you have noticed that both of the brands offer great value for your money.

However, they are a little bit different from each other. Their gym equipment might be suitable for one but not for the other. So, it depends on you what your goal is. What you want to achieve in the future is strength or mass muscles. Consider the above comparison and choose accordingly.

In a nutshell, both brands are awesome and provide great tools to help you accomplish your goals.

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