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Bowflex vs Powerblock: Which one is better in 2024?

Home workouts are getting very popular, and people want a better brand with reliability. Here we will be comparing Bowflex vs Powerblock, the two greatest brands of all time.

And we will see which of these two is the better option in terms of comfort, effectiveness, and warranty. Many identical factors, like weight, price, size, and space required for assembly, along with high technology, will be the governing factors. So, in the tussle of finding the best exercise equipment for our customers, we are going to judge who is the king of workout machines. Let’s find out!

Bowflex vs Powerblock: Which one is better in 2024?

Bowflex vs Powerblock

About the Brand: Powerblock

Powerblock is a brand that was launched in 1993 and has been ruling the fitness product world for 30 years. The most popular product line of Powerblock is their dumbbells, with a greater variety of dumbbell models coming under three main categories.

Powerblock makes an adjustable set of dumbbells and they live with the tagline, “Save Space. Maximize Efficiency.” Apart from manufacturing dumbbells, Powerblock also offers lots of gym accessories, from kettlebells to multi-angle sport benches, etc.

About the Brand: Bowflex

Powerblock is a bit older company than Powerblock and its seniority dates back to 1986, when the gym equipment was too expensive, so a team of ex-athletes, millennials, bikers, hikers, health enthusiasts, and fitness coaches came together to develop a budget-friendly, simple workout machine.

That became so popular that it has been producing a large number of products since then with upgrades in its technology and the shape of its products always undergoes a change.

They also manufacture Bowflex Max trainers and also dumbbells, kettlebells, etc.,

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Comparison based on the general characteristics of the two brands


  • It has used urethane-steel in the body parts of its equipment.
  • It has a five-year warranty.
  • The weight range differs from 2.5 to 90 LB per dumbbell, and the size range comes in 10 m length, 17 m length, and 5 to 7 m in width.
  • It has a power-coated finish and comes with an auto-lock mechanism.
  • They also provide a query session through email to register the issue.
  • It has tried to expand the variety of exercise models in the home.
  • The design is simple and rugged, making it ideal for hard-core exercises.


  • It has used polyurethane-steel as the body parts of its equipment.
  • It also has a five-year warranty.
  • The weight range differs from 5–90 LB per dumbbell and also the size.
  • It prefers a layer of power-protective layer.
  • Also, it has Bluetooth technology with virtual coaching.
  • Tracking progress and various spectrums of premium-level workout plans.
  • It has friendly customer support like Powerblock to solve issues.
  • It has also launched various workout machine series under its brand.
  • A compact design with comfortable assembly and feasibility.

 Series of Powerblock vs Bowflex Dumbbells

Powerblock Sport Series

This is the smallest series of the dumbbell models and also the cheapest one that has a dimension of 10 by 5.5 inches and is made from strong steel. It is a non-adjustable model.

The Powerblock Elite Series

It is a mid-range product that covers greater price and size, is made from steel, and has three adjustable dumbbell options.

Pro Series Powerblocks

It is uthrene-covered steel that has the highest finishing and is the most popular product from Powerblock. It also has the adjustable option with the maximum number of weights that can be added on. 

SelectTech 552 Bowflex

It is the smallest and basic model of dumbbell that Bowflex has offered. The weight is between 5 and 52 lbs. and it has greater gripping strength and durability.

SelectTech 560 by Bowflex

It is a mid-range product and weighs around 5 to 60 lbs per dumbbell. It comes with Bluetooth technology and lets your workout progress get tracked and fed on its health app, and you can also have a variety of workout modules.

SelectTech 1090 by Bowflex

It weighs around 10 to 90 lbs. and is a bit costly. A premium membership is also offered, along with virtual coaching. Bluetooth technology is again added to its basic to help with tracking progress of your daily sessions of workout.

Comparison on the basis of function and performance

Bowflex has greater reliability in terms of functioning due to its Bluetooth technology and comes with a protective layer over their workout equipment, and also the tracking option is better in Bowflex than in Powerblock.

In the case of Powerblock, the system is a rugged one with a mix of adjustable and non-adjustable sets of dumbbells. The rigidity is quite less than that of Bowflex, but it is budget-friendly.

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Comparison on the basis of Design and Structure

Powerblock earns a point for design due to its rugged structure and standard body structure, but they lack in unique design and a new remodeling concept.

Whereas Bowflex has that concept of traditional dumbbells but has a great design, the quality of the material is low, but they have added some new materials and a compact design for its users.

Comparison on the basis of Adjustability

Powerblock uses the pin system to lock and remove the desired amount of weight. It is a simple method, where as Bowflex uses a dial method of adjustment system, and you can turn the dial to use the type of weight you want for your workout session.

Grip and comfort are compared.

Powerblock has a rubber coating and a straight handle for better gripping and comfort. However, here at Bowflex, they have not provided rubber handles; instead, their grip is staggered in manner.

Weight and capacity are used to make the comparison.

Though these two are identical in terms of weight and both have varied in between 5 and 90 lbs, where bowflex comes with varieties in weight, powerflex has tried to provide a functioning based on its upgradation series.

PowerBlock by Bowflex

  • Model 552 has a weight range of 5–52.5 lbs. Weight range for Model Sport: 5–90 lbs.
  • 1090 model weight: 10-90 lbs. Weight range for the Elite series models: 5–90 lbs.
  • Model 1090: 10-90 lbs., 5–90 lbs. Pro Series Models

Comparison Based on Price

Here, Bowflex is a little more expensive in terms of powerblock, but their price delivers the quality of assurance that they want to deliver to their customers.

Bowflex vs Powerblock – Conclusion

Many people will suggest Bowflex as the winner in the Bowflex vs Powerblock comparison, because Bowflex has a large level of variation in its product range and it also helps with having a greater grip and comfort.

For decades, Bowflex has maintained both quantity and quality for decades. Its smart skills in branding the products under the comfort of home gym accessories have made it a popular name among households.

However, the last choice is still on the person, but Bowflex has all the interactive elements in its products that can motivate a person on his journey of fitness, from tracking progress to having virtual coaching.

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