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bowflex vs. free weights

Bowflex vs free weights: Who is the king of home workout models?

Today we will be choosing the king between two options. Bowflex vs Free weights, home workouts, and gym equipment are the next trends in every household after the passion for clothes and vehicles. Which one to buy?

Which is the best? Who provides quality and quantity? What is the warranty period? What is the price benefit? We know our customers and readers better than they know themselves. These are all the general questions that arise in the mind of a buyer.

And in this session, we will try to address it all with price tabulation, shape, grip, and comfort of these two options.

Bowflex vs Free Weights – Concerning Free weight

Bowflex vs Free Weights

Free weights are the kings of muscle building. This equipment is easy to store and handle and takes much less space than bowflex. Also, their setup is suitable for every room type, and a person can easily help himself to grow muscles on their own.

The muscle building index is greater with free weight as several muscles are involved in the workout session and provide resistance training. However, it is a very tiring process with free weight.

About Bowflex

Now if we talk about Bowflex, it is a household name for its home gym equipment. It is reasonable with its features and has added several other extras in its upgrades.

Apart from that, its equipment is adjustable and can be upgraded through its console upgrade kit process. Apart from that, it has also introduced Bluetooth technology, live streaming of entertainment and virtual coaching, plus you can also get a tracking record of your workout process.

You are also given a chance of premium membership, and it is aimed at home-gym in the comfort of your home with long-term goals and endurance.

Comparison on the basis of design and shape:

As a beginner, Bowflex has many things for you to get familiar with the workout process, like its resistance cables, which are great for you to try at once if you are in the process of building muscles gradually. It has a durable design and compact, elliptical shape.

whereas free weights have a simple and rugged product structure, the process is quick for any muscle building, but quite tiring; they offer many options in the traditional outlook of kettlebells, barbells, medicine bells, and so on.

Comparison on the basis of Grip and Structure

Free weights are the direct access to the freedom of your movement, which is the source of working out and burning calories. They don’t restrict you to a kind of fixed model or equipment.

Because free weights ensure the movement of your muscles, bowflex has the better gripping features with ergonomic contoured grip, and bowflex also has a durable model with standard gripping designs that help to stick around to your machine or models you want to use.

Comparison on the basis of Weight Training

If you are planning to get fit with free weights, you need a formulated plan and a clear definition of your long-term goal of achieving the particular target.

Whereas with Bowflex, you are not that confused because they provide a virtual coach and a one-on-one tracking progress record that is synced with many Android or Apple health apps.

In the case of free weight, your every gain will be directly dependent on the type of workout decision you make to mentor yourself, whereas in bowflex, if you are a subscriber to their premium plan, they will send you the personalized plan and will also suggest you the basics through chat help.

You can keep yourself motivated with their exciting on-demand classes where you can meet and interact with health enthusiasts all over the world and can also ask their customer care support for any queries.

Comparison on the basis of home-gym comfort

Bowflex is a total worth product because it has launched several workout machine series under its dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine bells, sport benches, and so on.

It has a low-impact approach with a steady but long-lasting effect. You can take a rest and then begin. You can divide your fitness plan into chunks. You can also upgrade with new editions coming in its other series. They have various digital indicators that let a person examine their health percentage.

Comparisons based on weight and capacity

Free weights have a static weight range, which means the equipment comes with a fixed weight. For example, if an equipment is held by you and it has a 20 lb. weight, then it will continuously weigh 20 lbs.

While in bowflex, the load comes with resistance weights and their weights are adjustable through the means of a power rod that changes when the weights are pulled along it.

Comparison on the basis of the price ratio

Bowflex models are always more expensive than any other kind of workout equipment, like its Bowflex PR3000 home gym, with a cost of between $400 and $750 USD. The cost goes up if you want an additional feature, but customer serviceability is great.

As in the case of free weights, the type of metal used in manufacturing decides the prices, but on average the price differs from $400 to $500.


Bowflex seemed to be the great and better option in our Bowflex vs Free Weights analysis. For those who are still beginners or who want directional guidelines and improvement in their fitness regime, every two to three years, Bowflex launches a more developed and fitness-oriented product to meet the demands of its various strata of customers.

However, free weights allow the free movement of muscles, but the weights are fixed. You have to make the fitness plan or the long-term or short-term plan and the period of completion by yourself. It can also be dangerous for any beginner as the basics are still unknown.

While Bowflex has much safer options and is designed with greater safety precautions because women also use this machine, both types of weight machines cater to different needs that only depend on the choice of an individual.

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