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How To Build Muscle and Lose Fat? [UPDATED 2024]

Getting a muscular body is possible for everyone if you follow the right regime and schedule! Do you want to know how to build muscles and lose fat naturally? Only lifting weights will not work for you. Along with weights, you also need to follow right diet, lifestyle changes and most importantly right supplement. In this article you will find the complete information about how to build muscle and lose fat efficiently.

Are you going to continue wishing you could build muscle and lose fat, or are you going to take action?  The truth is that to build muscle you need to exercise your muscles. The more that are your muscles are exercised, the stronger they become. However it is important to choose the right type of exercise. For most of us time is at a premium so short programs are best. A good result can be achieved with a 30 minute routine carried out 3 times per week.  This combined with a good diet will allow you to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

What exactly is muscle mass?

Muscle mass is the amount of muscle in your body. The muscle mass is often measured in proportion to the fat percentage. By training hard enough, your body fat changes into lean muscles through improving the supply of blood, fibers and other essential nutrients.

How to build muscle naturally?

You build more muscle in the initial phase of workout. While in the following years you build less muscles and more strengthening up. How much muscle mass you build depends on various factors such as right selection of workouts, following correct diet, choosing the best supplements for muscle building and most importantly, being patience.

How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to burn fat and build muscles at the same time. These are two different processes that do not combine. Although, these two process do not work at the same time, they are significantly related to each other. In this first phase, you are going to burn the excess fat in your body and in the next phase you are going to build up the muscle mass.

How to build muscle – Three Principles

How to Tone Your Body at Home

Mechanical stress

Mechanical stress refers to the tension on certain muscle while focusing on workout. We also call this mechanical stress as the Time under Tension. The stronger a muscle fiber gets, the more power it can produce. As a result, however, more and more workout will be needed to make progress.

Metabolic stress

While mechanical stress involves the depletion of the muscle fibers themselves, the accumulation of waste will create an adaptation response when creating metabolic stress. Some of these substances are lactate, hydrogen ions, inorganic phosphate and creatine. This process can be initiated by performing lengthy sets with many repetitions, as this will deplete the muscle.


The damage done to your muscles as a result of training is actually an incidental thing, a by-product of the training itself. We cannot do strength training without causing muscle damage. However, the question is how much muscle damage contributes to hypertrophy. As far as we know now, muscle damage is needed to repair and adapt. However, muscle damage should not become a targeted goal to build muscle.

Can you use supplements to build muscle?

We often see that supplements are recommended to improve your muscle growth. In many cases they are just useless pills and powders that usually never work to build muscles. Although, you can achieve a lot more by optimizing your nutrition and training. But it is also a fact that supplements give the essential boost to your muscle building regime.

Supplements and legal steroids could be a solution if you are struggling to get enough nutrients and boost. Ingredients like creatine gives you a boost in the muscle growth, but that does not work for everyone! So make sure you can basically go with supplements that are nutritionally balanced.

Which is the best supplement to build muscle and lose fat?

To get straight to the point: most supplements do not work or hardly work to build more muscle mass. But still there are brands like Crazy Bulk that has wide range of muscle building and fat burning supplements and steroids. All these supplements are quite popular and proven to deliver prominent results. You can see my reviews of the Crazy Bulk’s stacks to see if they seem right for your needs and get professional supplementation and right boost of nutrients for muscle building.


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