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How To Build Muscle Fast For Females?

Yes, many women still think the word ‘muscle mass’ sounds scary. Still, you do well to increase the quality of your muscles (this sounds better, right ?!) when it comes to getting your ideal body. In addition to the aesthetic goals, muscles also help you with a beautiful posture and muscles are very healthy. Think for example of a better insulin balance and a higher metabolism. Here we explain how to build muscle fast for females at home.

The Benefits Of Muscle Mass For Women

how to build muscle fast for females

For many women, losing weight is like looking like a ‘bone warehouse’. This is usually the result of a crash diet and not doing strength training. Still, it remains very popular to want to get ‘in shape’ by running and eating much less. Of course it is important to watch your calories, but you have to be careful not to lose too much muscle mass, and rather even gain some muscle mass.

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How do you build muscle? Everyone agrees that going to the gym and exercising a lot. However, if you know the best way to work, you can achieve more results and you will probably also save time.

We can learn a lot from athletes such as power lifters and bodybuilders. These 2 groups of athletes have an impressive mass of muscles. Although you as a woman probably do not aim for this amount, it is important to know how you can ensure that you develop fuller, round buttocks and a shapely upper body.

 3 Factors Are That Increase Muscle Mass

1. Mechanical Stress

This is the stress that is placed on a muscle, also known as mechanical stress. When training with a heavy weight in a full range of motion (ROM, or Range of Motion), this gives the muscle group in question a great mechanical tension. A good example is a power lifter doing a squat with the weight with which he can make one repetition. To achieve maximum results, train the muscle not only in the full range of motion, but also at different angles. So vary in exercises!

2. Metabolic Stress

Glycolysis, the process of converting ADP into ATP and producing lactic acid, is one of the hallmarks of metabolic stress. Metabolic stress is mainly caused by putting a muscle under tension for a longer period of time. Feeling the souring of the muscle in question and the well-known ‘muscle pump’ are things that characterize metabolic stress and everyone recognizes them. To do this, train with a longer time under tension and ‘feel’ the muscles at work.

3. Muscle Damage

When training with overload, tiny cracks (microtrauma) occur in the muscle fibers. The body responds to this by repairing and strengthening these muscle fibers, in the event that such a load comes up again soon. Microtrauma is largely responsible for the muscle pain you feel after a good workout, and is mainly caused by training with an emphasis on the eccentric part of the movement.

In a previously published article about getting tight buttocks , we already described which exercises are best for which purpose. In particular, it has to do with the number of repetitions you make and that is very similar to the 3 pillars described above.

Building Materials For More Muscle Mass

For a significant increase in muscle mass, in addition to a good training stimulus, sufficient (and the right) nutrition is required: the proteins, or protein. After all, muscles cannot be built from the air you breathe. Building muscle mass is like building a wall. You can be the best bricklayer in the world, if you don’t have bricks you won’t get far.

As a woman, do I not get too wide through strength training?

A question that is frequently asked by the female athlete. Therefore, just the role of testosterone. On average, women produce only 7% of the amount of testosterone a man produces. The amount of testosterone produced is seen as the most important muscle building potential, so don’t worry about getting too muscular. Sometimes it happens that a woman (thinks she is) too muscular. What to do? Quitting strength training? No, that would be a shame because it offers you many advantages. The tips in this article tell you what to do if a woman builds up too much muscle mass or feels like she is getting ‘bulky’.

Strength training is and remains the best way to get in good shape, along with a good diet and sufficient (night) rest. Whether you want to get tight, round buttocks before the summer or want to get a little stronger in your shoes, training with weights gives you the best chance of success.

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