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How To Gain Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys?

Thin long lanky arms and a chest where you can count the ribs. You would like to gain weight, but no matter how much you eat, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Does this look familiar? Read on, because then this article is for you! We give you tips on how to gain muscle fast for skinny guys.

How To Gain Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys?

People with this physique are also called ‘ectomorph’: tall and thin with a fast metabolism which makes gaining weight difficult. Building muscle mass is therefore extra difficult for people with this body type, but certainly not impossible! In this article, I will explain the basics to get you on your way to a firmer and more muscular body.

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Muscle building is difficult but achievable

Let one thing be clear: If you are very slim and have a fast metabolism, building muscle requires much more work and dedication than people with a slower metabolism. Where some people can get away with just eating and doing a few exercises they like, you will need to do more to gain muscle mass.

In this post, I have briefly listed the basic points to get you started!

The Right Diet For Thin Boys

You cannot just follow a diet. You need to find a diet designed specifically for thin guys. Lean is your physique. It would not be a good idea to follow a diet for muscle building in sturdy people with a slow metabolism. This would not work out well.

That said, if you are following a lean guy muscle building diet, you should follow it closely and make sure you keep track of what you eat and how much you eat. I spoke to many skinny guys in the gym who were all stuffed with fast food to build muscle, to no avail. Make sure you don’t belong here!

Let’s take a closer look at the types of foods that we should eat and should not eat. Here are some basic principles:

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Good food for muscle building:

Good food for muscle building:

Protein, especially lean proteins (grilled chicken) is crucial. Drink a lot of milk!
Good fats and fish oil promote muscle mass building.
Fruits and vegetables are vital. They provide nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the functioning of your body, with a large piece of meat alone you are not there!
Water, water, and more water every time you get the chance.
Think of the three: Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins. Muscle building for skinny guys requires watching what you eat and fats, carbohydrates, and proteins in the right proportions.

Bad food to avoid:

If it is associated with fast food, don’t eat it!
Potato chips
All other foods that fill you up quickly but do not provide good nutrients to your body.
There is a lot of information on the internet about what you should and should not eat, learn more! Also on this site you can find many articles about preparing a diet.

The Right Exercises For Skinny Boys

It is very important to understand what exercises and schedules give the best and fastest results. This way you use your sports time as efficiently as possible and you get the most results with it.

Building muscle mass for skinny boys means that you have to do exercises in which you tackle multiple muscle groups at the same time. Think of exercises such as the deadlift, squats, and pull-ups.

When I just started weightlifting I trained one muscle group at a time (biceps anyone ??) without seeing too much result. Exercises in which you train several muscles at the same time will promote the release of certain substances in your body, thereby promoting muscle growth to the maximum.

The exact training schedule you follow depends on many factors, such as how often and how long you can train per week and which equipment/weights you have at your disposal.

Why you should take enough rest

Here comes the part most people usually skip, rest, and recovery. Many people who are new to muscle building make the common mistake of thinking that muscle building happens when you exercise. I also thought this when I was just starting out. Sports, however, is precisely the breakdown of muscles (catabolism).

Your muscles only grow when they rest and heal. This resting process ensures that your muscles rebuild themselves (anabolism) and especially happens when you sleep.

So it is very important to get the full eight hours of sleep every night to get the best muscle growth.

Recover Properly

The difference between resting and recovering is that resting is sleeping or giving your muscles a break, so it is a passive method. Recovering is actually actively doing things to repair your damaged muscles, such as cooling your muscles with an ice bag, stretching techniques, and other methods.

Recovery is vital to prevent injuries and accelerate muscle recovery. In this post, I will not go into this, but when you have found this site you are smart enough to find information about various stretching exercises!

How To Gain Muscle Fast For Skinny Guys? Conclusion

In this article, I briefly explained the basics of gaining muscle mass despite your predisposition:

Food: Even though you can eat everything, choose food that gives you the right building blocks!
Exercises: Do as many exercises as possible, addressing multiple muscle groups at the same time.
Rest: Don’t forget to get enough sleep every day, this is when your muscles grow!
Recovery: Warming up, cooling down, stretching, and stretching. You probably know it, but use it too!

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