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Are SARMs Safe

Are SARMs Safe? Deep Analysis! (Dosage and Benefits)

Are SARMs safe? 2023 Analysis! Every person nowadays wants a lean body and a fit body, and therefore many methods and practices have been introduced on the market to retain fitness. It is therefore better to know which of them are really working and reliable.

Muscle building supplements and weight loss supplements are popular in the fitness market, and the SARM supplement is one of them, but its legality and practicality keep people from using it.

Are SARMs Safe? – An Overview

Are SARMs Safe

SARMS, or selective androgenic receptor modulators (SARMs), are anabolic medical supplements that are used to target and bind with only androgenic receptors and have fewer side effects than those of steroids, which can affect our prostate gland.

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Here we have kept a summarized version for you to have about SARMs:

  • They are bioactive compounds.
  • They are applicable to both men and women.
  • not suitable for children and pregnant women.
  • Sold in the market for mass composition and muscle building.
  • Some use it to increase their bone density.
  • SARMs were developed in the 1940s to address the problem of hypogonadism, a condition where the low production of testosterone in men is seen and a minimal libido level is reached.

Why should we use SARMs?

SARMs can be used because, like another anabolic supplement, it doesn’t affect our prostate gland and it only targets the selective receptors, which helps in increasing the libido level and can be useful in treating the following conditions:

  • It is useful to control muscle wasting diseases like cystic fibrosis and sclerosis.
  • It is a faster healing supplement for burn injuries, body wasting due to HIV or cancer.
  • Conducted trials of the supplement have suggested that bone mass and muscle mass are increased within 16 to 18 weeks of use.
  • It has also reduced the rate of bone turnover.

What is an Androgenic Receptor?

SARMs are the receptor modulators. But what is an androgenic receptor? The receptor which is used to maintain the physiology of tissues is called androgenic. It helps in the proper circulation of testosterone and stimulates the working of metabolic activities.

These receptors can be found throughout the body, including bone, the prostate, and seminal vesicles. helps in activating the enzyme called androgen hormone, which is way more powerful than testosterone.

Which SARMs are not suppressive?

Popular SARMs are on the list which are considered non-suppressive when they are used. For example, Ligandrol, a SARM suppressor, is known as the dose-dependent suppressor, whose suppressive effect depends on the dose given to that person.

So, the SARMS supplement like Ostarine has a low level of suppression and only a high dose intake can increase the suppression level.

What are some of the safest SARMs available on the market?

The following are the known safest SARMs available on the market that are versatile in use and are safe for both genders.

MK 677

MK 677 is a very positive supplement that is used for stimulating the release of growth hormones and providing better bone density and lean muscle tissue. It is an experimental drug that can be used for reversing catabolic conditions.

LGD 4033

This SARM is used for maintaining muscle strength and compensating bone loss. It helps in selectively binding the androgen receptors and reducing the recovery time. It also helps in improving bone health.

RAD 140

Testolone, also known as RAD 140, is used to prevent muscle wasting and to increase muscle size, as well as to improve bone density and a person’s sexual drive.

It is known as the best fat-cutter and is known for its affinity towards the androgen receptor.


Cardarine is known for its performance enhancing abilities. It has improved the binding property with PPAR, which is known as the fat burner and is used in the form of fuel. It helps in lowering the increased level of cholesterol inside the body and decreasing the risk of heart failure.

YK 11

It is known as the Myostatin inhibitor, a protein secreted in the muscle tissues responsible for skeletal muscle movements. This protein restrains the muscle growth and keeps them at optimal size, where as YK11 reduces the muscle mass and helps in lean bulking.

Can we take different SARMs together?

The intake of different SARMs together is known as the stacking process, where the two different SARMs are mixed together to have the enhanced benefit of the supplement and help in accelerating the growth of muscle mass. It gives a faster recovery rate and requires a PCT.

Done every four to eight weeks once the cycle of intake is over.

Are SARMs safe for females?

Yes, SARMs are safe for females, for those women who want to build muscle mass and want to reduce body fat. SARM stacking is recommended for women who want to quickly bulk up with defined muscle mass.

What is the SARMs cycle?

SARM cycling entails continuing to use a SARM supplement and taking the dosages for up to eight weeks on average, which will help you get results for your muscle building process while also rousing the training regime.

It aids in the establishment of a realistic training regimen, and one must be vigilant in monitoring their overall health.

Is one cycle of SARMs safe?

Yes, it is safe and you can get over 20 to 15 pounds of muscle and you will be able to lose 15 pounds of fat within one cycle of 8 weeks to 12 weeks.


We have been able to clear up the confusion over Is SARMs safe. Because SARM stacking and usage must be meaningful, one must use an affordable dose and an appropriate SARM cycle.

As one cycle is very costly and you have to go for a PCT cycle that will help you to maintain your training regime, the SARMs are the novel class of receptors that produce the least side effects.

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